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Current airport

light aircraft coming in to land

Technical information

Location Indicator:

Airport Category:
Cat 1

Reference Code:
Code 2B

Runways: (All Concrete)
03/21 – 1454m x 90m
05/23 – 1370m x 90m (Licensed: 900m x 20m)
01/19 – 1080m x 90m
14/32 – 1230m x 90m (Licensed: 700m x 16m)

Uncontrolled Class G, 131.1hz

S33°46.28′ / E18°44.40′

399ft (122m)

Operational Hours:
Monday to Friday 06h00 – 15h00 (Zulu/GMT)
Saturday & Sunday 06h00 – 10h00 (Zulu/GMT)

airport ground map

Joining procedures

Cape Winelands Airport airspace is uncontrolled Class G and has a 5 nm radius with its own radio frequency of 131.1 MHz, callsign Winelands Traffic. Joining altitude is restricted to 2000 ft AMSL by the Cape Town TMA sector A that is above Cape Winelands Airport.

Visiting aircraft to park on the public apron just East of the fuel bay.

Download our AIP Here for more info and circuit joining procedures.

Fees & pricing

Landing fees for visiting planes are to be paid to our Facilities Manager located at the fuel bay directly after landing.

Parking & landing fees

Landings are currently free for visiting recreational aircraft and thus only charged for commercial operations and ATOs. Monthly blocks may be accommodated on request.

500 to 1000 kgR40
1000 to 1500 kgR60
1500 to 2000 kgR80
2000 to 2500 kgR100
2500 to 3000 kgR120
3000 to 4000 kgR160
4000 to 5000 kgR200
5000 to 6000 kgR240
6000 to 7000 kgR280
7000 to 8000kgR320
8000 to 9000 kgR360
9000 to 10000 kgR400
Parking in Hangar (per night)R265
Parking Outside (per night)R210


Cape Winelands Airport is always looking to build new tenant relationships in its pursuit of becoming Cape Town’s most beautiful private general airfield operator.

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